Our Commercial Services

At Mercury, we understand the need for candidates and clients to work with commercial recruitment agencies that are able to offer a true single source solution.

Alongside professional recruitment, we have therefore developed the expertise to provide a range of value-adding commercial services.   

Improving presentation

In recruitment, presentation counts. Our commercial consultants understand this and can rewrite and formulate CVs in order to help candidates make the best possible first impression.

Next, we offer training and constructive advice to ensure that our candidates excel in interviews. Unlike commercial recruitment agencies that are driven by numbers and not people, we also provide feedback after every interview has taken place.

Furthermore, we can work with clients to deliver workshops that are proven to improve personal presentation skills.

Handling rejections

Many people have difficulties in dealing with rejection. There can though only be one successful candidate for each position and Mercury’s professional counselling helps candidates and employees to accept, learn and draw positives from any unsuccessful applications.